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RB 86

Neem oil

1 litre

100 % botanical and biodegradable insect repellent based on neem oil and aromatic herbs.
  • This oil has a strong and several days long-lasting repellent effect towards bloodsucking parasites such as ticks, mosquitoes, flies in general, fleas, lice and scabies afflicting cattle and pets.

  • Can be applied around the animal's eyes, nose, sexual organs and other sensitive areas.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is an excellent desinfectant and repellent for stables and farms mixed with iodine and water.

  • On animals: mix 1 part of RB 86 with at least 3 parts of water. Maximum: 20 ml per horse and day. Apply with sponge, spray or brush.

  • For cleaning stables: mix 1 L of RB 86 with ½ L Iodine solution to 50 L of water.

Active ingredient: azadirachtine. KemI Reg. No. 4322

Shampoo with neem oil

Nim Schampo
Gentle botanical formula based on oil extracted from the fruits of the Neem tree. The oil is known since centuries to prevent and treat parasites as horse flies, fleas, lice and ticks and their eggs and larvae. It will also render the fur soft and shining.
  • Shake the bottle a little before use

  • Work up lather in the wet fur.

  • Rinse out.

  • Let it work for some minutes before rinsing out.

Repeat the procedure if the pet starts scratching because the parasites get disturbed by the treatment.

Active ingredient: neem oil. Slightly perfumed. pH 5.5.
KemI Reg. No. 4344

Plastic bottle, 250 ml
NEW! Also available in "horse size", 500 ml

Hygiene biocide for veterinary use


Disinfecting and softening salve with Neem for topical use to treat superficial wounds, crusts and skin cracks.
  • Soothes immediately itchiness and irritated skin

  • Effective against mallenders on pastern

  • Keeps away flies and other parasites

  • Water-resistant, protects the wounds against water and bacteria

  • Favors fur and horsehair growth on scraped areas.

TIP! To remove enlarged hard "olives" inside horses' knees apply Teneryl and ... Swish! Next day you will be able to crumble up them.

Ingredients: Neemtriglycerides, vaseline, chlorhexidine, zincoxide, lanolin, cetylalcohol. KemI Reg. No. 416151-9

Special offer!

Tube 225 g

DR 1

Microencapsulated biocide  against flies, mosquitos, ticks, etc

Now also in 500 ml

Dr 1 is the most modern product for safe protection against biting insects.
Tests have shown that DR 1 protects 100 % against mosquitoes and tics for at leat 8 hours. Applied on cotton textile the repellent effect lasts at least during 6 days!
Advantages of microcapsules compared to traditional products:
  • Absorption of the active substance through the skin reduced by 90 %

  • A constant, regular flow of the active substance gives a long-lasting protection

  • The microcapsules lie in water, no other chemicals are involved

  • Reduced risk of over-dosification

  • Less waste in the environment

Read more: For humans and fact sheet (pdf).

Ingredients: Microencapsulated Icardin (Saltidin), water, protein, perfume (Linalool). Reg. No. 4830.

Mygg & Sånt

Spray with Neem against biting insects

Sprays containing 500 ml and pocket size 50 ml.
Mygg & Sånt is ideal for protecting the rider and the horse during a hack, training on the riding ground and during competitions. It allows the rider and the horse to concentrate on the task instead of being disturbed by biting insects.
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky and does not stain clothes or leather.

  • 100 % protection during at least 6 hours and 91 % protection during 8 hours

  • Formulated to be used on humans from 3 years of age and on horses and pets

  • Light and fresh scent of mint.

Ingredients: Azadirachtine, N.N-Dietyl-m-Toluamid, etanol.
KemI Reg. No. 4465



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