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We always get sad to see horses suffering from allergies towards insects since they could be helped. We will never stop telling everybody how well our products with neem oil work against insect bites, to treat scratched skin and to promote the hair growth in the fur, mane and tail. But everybody advertises for their own products so we think than "an image says more than a thousand words". (The purple color on the manes does not come from our products!). Don't these horses look happier after they started beeing trated with neem?

Brown stallion

Before treatment

After 5 days

After 21 days

After 28 days

: to avoid new bites, treat scratched skin and remove insects' eggs and larvae.

1) Neem Schampoo (later on, you can pour a dash of RB 86 in a shampoo for childen)

2) Soak a sponge in water, add a little of RB 86 and rub over the horse's body. Insist on mane and tail so that the neem oil reaches the skin

When the horse's condition has improved, you can dilute in water RB 86 even more.

3) Teneryl on superficial wounds and scrapes

4) Mygg & Sånt for riding sessions

White stallion

Before treatment

After 8 month

After 3 years

Before and ...


To decrease the number of insects

1) Mix RB 86 with water and sprinkle in the stable and horse boxes

2) Mix RB 86 with water and give the dungheap a "shower"

White gelding

Before treatment

After 8 month

After a couple of years

Before and ...


The pictures of the brown stallion were taken between September 20 and October 18, 2008.

The pictures of the white horses were taken 2005 and 2008.

The three horses are outside several hours a day, pasting  or being ridden.




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